Offre d’emploi – CDD Ingénieur d’étude (IE) 24 mois INRAE, Nantes, France

Profile title: Digestive fate of emulsions prepared from vegetable protein sources and particles.
INRAE Pays de la Loire Center (Nantes site), Unité Codique UR1268
Title BIA (Biopolymers, Interactions, Assemblies)

Project description, responsibilities and missions
Context: The need to develop sustainable food systems to meet the global challenges of environmental protection and food safety calls for an increase in the share of plant products in the human diet, and the use of less energy-intensive processing methods. To some extent, these dietary transitions require a reduction in the production and consumption of animal proteins, in favor of plant proteins. For the time being, however, it is not possible to substitute animal protein ingredients for plant proteins.
Against this backdrop, the VESTA project (Vers des émulsions alimentaires saines, durables et stables; INRAE, Région Pays de la Loire, Nantes Métropole) is based on an integrated, multi-scale approach, which focuses on controlling the microstructure of food emulsions to improve the functionalities of protein sources and particles of plant origin. One aspect of the project is dedicated to understanding the fate of new emulsions developed under digestive conditions, in order to anticipate their potential impact on metabolism and health.
on metabolism and health.

Objectives / missions : The aim of this position is to monitor the digestive fate of emulsions prepared from functional ingredients of plant origin, using in vitro systems of increasing complexity (batch to dynamic digestion).
Experimental approach: The various emulsions prepared from plant proteins and particles will first be structurally characterized, and the most relevant systems will be screened using in vitro batch digestion models. As part of this mission, intermediate semi-dynamic systems will be tested and evaluated before assessing emulsion digestion under dynamic conditions on the laboratory's DIDGI system. The evolution of structures during digestion, and the release kinetics of major nutiments will also be determined.

Unit/team/working environment: The BIA unit (Biopolymers, Interactions, Assemblies) is an INRAE research laboratory located in Nantes, France. It has around 120 permanent staff - researchers and technicians - and welcomes over 60 Master's students, PhD students and post-doc researchers every year. In a context of sustainable development, its objectives are to contribute to controlling the quality of plant production and food ( The engineer recruited will work within the BIA unit's ISD (Interfaces and Dispersed Systems) team, which is characterized by its in-depth expertise and extensive analytical resources in the physicochemical characterization of complex multiphase matrices and the biochemical analysis of lipids and proteins. In addition, he/she will actively participate in discussions and interactions with the team's permanent staff and non-permanents (1 PhD student, 2 postdocs, Master's students) involved in this theme.

Profile required: Master's degree in food science, nutrition, biology, biochemistry or physical chemistry. Mastery of basic techniques and good laboratory practices. Good knowledge of dispersed systems (emulsions) and biochemical analysis of lipids and proteins. Basic knowledge of nutrition and/or digestive physiology would be a plus. A liking for teamwork, cooperation with other team members, especially trainees and PhD students, written communication (progress reports, protocols) and oral communication (presentations at work meetings). Strong organizational skills, rigor, perseverance and a keen interest in experimental work and finding practical solutions are also expected.

Managers: Claire Berton-Carabin (, Anne Meynier (
To apply: Send us your CV and covering letter before 31/05/2022.
Estimated start date and duration of assignment: From July 2022, 24-month fixed-term contract.