CHEVREUL 2021 medal: Robert GIBSON (Australia)

Adventures old and new with fatty acids and their oxylipins: The path to personalized clinical nutrition.

Robert GIBSON, Lecture given as part of the ISSFAL 2021 Congress

Every year since 1963, the SFEL has honored an eminent researcher for his or her work in the world of lipids with the CHEVREUL Medal, in memory of the founder of lipochemical research, Michel Eugène CHEVREUL. In 2021, Prof. Robert (Bob) Gibson, Emeritus Professor at the University of Adelaide and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), was honored with the CHEVREUL Medal.

Bob Gibson is a clinical biochemist/nutritionist who has published over 350 peer-reviewed articles in various pediatric, nutrition and biochemistry journals. He has designed and conducted a series of randomized clinical trials involving nutritional interventions in the perinatal period, and has also tested the effects of interventions with iron, selenium, probiotics, nucleotides and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids on infant biochemistry, growth, physiology and developmental outcomes. In particular, Bob Gibson has conducted several clinical studies on the role of dietary DHA in optimal neural development in infants, and was the first to demonstrate that full-term breastfed infants had higher brain concentrations of DHA, better matur