Business manager (M/F) for Carnot 3BCAR, INRAE TRANSFERT, September 1, 2023, Paris 15th, France

The Carnot Institutes, certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, aim to develop partnership research, that is to say the conduct of research carried out by public laboratories in partnership with socio-economic actors, mainly businesses (from SMEs to large groups), in response to their needs. Partnership research is an effective lever for transferring the results of public research to support the competitiveness of socio-economic actors.

INRAE pilot 5 Carnot. The Carnot 3BCAR aims to offer an integrated set of skills to promote the development of green chemistry from renewable carbon. 3BCAR is based on three families of outlets: bioenergy, molecules and biosourced materials, resulting from the use of carbon of biological origin and integrates all the stages of biomass production, its transformation and use of these products.

The recruited person will join the Bioeconomy-Bioprocesses Pole of the Valorization department of INRAE Transfer. Under the authority of the director of Carnot, he/she will join the executive unit of Carnot 3BCAR, and will work in close collaboration with the deputy scientific director, a project manager and a quality manager.

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