SFEL 2023 thesis prize awarded to Jeanne KERGOMARD, Doctoral Thesis from the University of Rennes

The SFEL Thesis Prize rewards research work carried out in France to obtain a University thesis in a field linked to oilseeds, fats and/or lipids, production of oilseeds, analyses, biochemical or physico- chemistry of lipids, transformation of fatty substances, non-food use, lipid nutrition, lipids and health… For the year 2023, the Thesis Prize was awarded to Jeanne KERGOMARD for a University thesis work entitled "Enzymatic activity on plant lipids: coupling of interfacial measurements at the molecular scale (nm) and kinetic measurements of degradation at the object scale (μm)". The thesis was defended at the University of Rennes and took place between the Institute of Physics of Rennes (IPR, UMR 6251) and the INRAE of Montpellier (UMR IATE 1208) under the direction of Véronique Vié (IPR) and Claire Bourlieu-Lacanal (INRAE).

Jeanne JERGOMARD's thesis work notably made it possible to obtain pioneering results concerning the molecular mechanisms of digestion of galactolipids, the main lipids of plant membranes, by close analogues of the main human digestive enzymes. Ultimately, the specific digestion of these natural plant assemblies could open the way towards the development of sustainable plant food alternatives, to vectorize bioaccessible nutrients of interest (n-3 PUFA in particular), and thus rebalance diets. humans and animals.

The SFEL thesis prize will be awarded on the occasion of the 18th GERLI Congress which will be held in Paris from October 16 to 18, 2023 (for information click here), a conference during which Jeanne KERGOMARD will present her work. Come and attend the GERLI 2023 conference to attend its presentation.

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