Programme of the SFEL/CNIEL Symposium ‘Dairy Lipids and Health’ on Friday 23 September 2022

SAVE THE DATE - Program and Free Registration for the SFEL/CNIEL Symposium "Dairy Lipids and Health - From the First 1000 Days and Beyond..." on Friday, September 23, 2022, in Paris at the Maison du Lait

On September 23, CNIEL and SFEL are joining forces to share with you the latest scientific advances on the nutritional roles of dairy lipids. During this Symposium, Marie-Caroline MICHALSKI will receive the CHEVREUL 2022 Medal for the excellence of the scientific work carried out in recent years in the field of Human Nutrition and Lipids, particularly dairy lipids. Marie-Caroline MICHALSKI is a Research Director at INRAE (CarMeN Laboratory, INRAE UMR1397, INSERM U1060, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, 69310 Pierre-Bénite, France).

This symposium will be held in French except for the CHEVREUL Medal Award and the last conference by Anestis Dougkas, which will be in English.

The Chevreul Conference will start at 2 pm GMT +2 (1 pm UK/IRE time, 8 am US/Canada Eastern time, 11 pm Australia time)


9:30 am Welcome of participants

Dairy Lipids and Perinatal Development

10:00 am French cohort “Eden”: consumption of dairy products during pregnancy, fatty acid profile of perinatal matrices, and cognitive development of the child. Wen Lun Yuan, INSERM, Paris

10:35 am Milk fat and cognitive functions during development: intervention study in a primate model. Fabien Pifferi, CNRS, Brunoy

11:05 am Dairy lipids and PUFA metabolism: study on a model of artificial suckling in rats. Jean-Charles Martin, INSERM, Marseille

11:35 am Reintroduction of dairy lipids in infant formulas: impact on oxidative stability and nutritional profile. Mathilde Cancalon, CIRAD, Montpellier

12:05 pm Round table "Interests of dairy fats in perinatal nutrition"

12:45 pm Lunch break

Dairy Lipids and Cardio-Metabolic Effects

2:00 pm SFEL: CHEVREUL 2022 Medal Award Milk fat globules and their polar lipids: a bridging journey from science & technology to nutrition and health. Marie-Caroline Michalski, INRAE, Lyon

3:15 pm Milk minor fatty acids: physiological roles and effects on metabolic syndrome parameters. Studies in rodents. Vincent Rioux, Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes

3:45 pm Consumption of milk and other types of dairy products (whole fat, low-fat) in relation to childhood obesity: Review. Anestis Dougkas, Institut de Recherche Paul Bocuse, Lyon

4:15 pm Closing of the day

Free but registration required: Click here

For registration to the Chevreul Medal Conference video at 2 pm (Paris time), please answer NO to question 6 “Will you attend this event in Paris at La Maison du Lait on September 23rd” and indicate in box 7 that you wish to attend by videoconference only. You will receive a link by email before September 23rd.

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