Om3D Consortium feedback seminar, Wednesday June 28, 2023 at INRAE Paris

As part of the SYALSA (Food Systems and Human Health) metaprogram, the Om3D consortium studied the overall health potential of different sources of omega‐3 and vitamin D at the food system level. This interdisciplinary approach involved numerous INRAE researchers from different research departments.

To share our approach and our conclusions, a feedback seminar open to research stakeholders is organized on Wednesday June 28, 2023 at INRAE Paris, 147 rue de l'Université (Amphi 110).

Today's program
9:30 a.m.: Welcome of participants
‐ 10:00 a.m.: Presentation of the Om3D consortium approach (Sébastien Marze, BIA)
‐ 10:20 a.m.: Enrichment of omega‐3 fatty acids in cow's milk (Anne Ferlay, UMRH and
Catherine Hurtaud, PEGASE)
‐ 10:40 a.m.: Biofortification of beef with omega‐3 (Marie‐Pierre Ellies‐Oury and Marion
Party animal, UMRH)
‐ 11:00 a.m.: Impact of nutrition on the content of omega‐3 and vitamin D in fish (Jérôme
Roy, NuMeA)

11:20 a.m.: Break

  • 11:40 a.m.: Enrichment of n‐3 fatty acids in eggs and poultry meat (Elisabeth
    Baeza‐Campone, BOA)
    ‐ 12:00 p.m.: Biofortification of pork with omega‐3 and vitamin D (Mohammed Gagaoua
    and Bénédicte Lebret, PEGASE)
    ‐ 12:20 p.m.: Strategies for fortifying dairy products with vitamin D and the environment (Benoit
    Graulet and Maguy Eugène, UMRH)
    ‐ 12:40 p.m.: Impact of transformations on the degradation of omega‐3 and vitamin D:
    summary of the bibliographic research (Magalie Weber, BIA)

1:00 p.m.: Lunch break

‐ 2:00 p.m.: Fate of omega‐3 and vitamin D during in vitro digestion (Sébastien
Marze, BIA)
‐ 2:20 p.m.: Bioavailability and omega‐3 status in humans (Cécile Vors, CarMeN)

  • 2:40 p.m.: Bioavailability and vitamin D status in humans (Emmanuelle Reboul and Jean-
    François Landrier, C2VN)
    ‐ 3:00 p.m.: Omega 3 consumption and non‐alcoholic fatty liver disease: Research
    bibliographic based on meta‐analyses (Christine Coudray, DMEM)

3:20 p.m.: Break

‐ 3:40 p.m.: Omega‐3 and cognitive and muscular health (Corinne Joffre, NutriNeuro and Fréderic
Capel, UNH)

  • 4:00 p.m.: Definition of a “global health food chain” - Acceptability and
    impacts on the health economy (Pierre Weill, Association Bleu‐Blanc‐Coeur)
    ‐ 4:20 p.m.: Analysis of the nutritional and environmental qualities of food groups
    vectors of omega‐3 and vitamin D (Isabelle Albert, MIA‐Paris)
    ‐ 4:40 p.m.: Multicriteria analysis of the performance of sources of omega‐3 and vitamin D
    (Sébastien Marze, BIA)

5:00 p.m.: End of the day