Becoming a member of La S.F.E.L means :

- encourage, from a distance, or contribute more directly to the dissemination of knowledge about lipids and the issues surrounding them, through the Journées Chevreul (one or two events a year), the OCL magazine, the website, etc.
- take part in the life of the association: Annual General Meeting, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Presidency,
- benefit from preferential rates at the Journées Chevreul
- receive the association's newsletters.

Becoming a member of La S.F.E.L also means becoming a full member of the European Federation for study of Lipids (EFL), which brings together French, German, English and Dutch associations ...., and which Sfel co-founded with the DGF in 2001.
EFL co-organizes congresses across Europe, and facilitates numerous contacts between European scientists.

The S.F.E.L. must also be a well-represented association if it is to carry any weight at European level. In 2014, the S.F.E.L. counted some 400 members or contacts.