GERLI Hybrid Congress (September 26-29, 2021)

GERLI hybrid congress held September 26-29, 2021 in Bordeaux ( !

A great success, with 122 participants, including 96 in Bordeaux. The words of GERLI President Hubert Schaller perfectly reflect the atmosphere of this superb congress: “Excellent scientific sessions, a pleasant and friendly setting, highlights of the three days: our sessions dedicated to thesis awards, the enthusiasm of the young researchers involved in our ‘poster flash-talks’ session, the very convivial evening at the Belle Saison. A special issue of BIOCHIMIE will soon be published on the scientific themes covered by the Bordeaux congress.

A big thank you to the organizers of this congress, Frédéric Domergue and the local team, but also to the members of the GERLI scientific council who gave us the opportunity to participate in the organization of a session on “Vectorization and Digestion” with Sébastien Marze (INRAE, Nantes), but also to present the SFEL 2021 thesis prize awarded to Etienne GUILLOCHEAU for his work entitled “Consumption of dairy products and lower risk of metabolic syndrome: a nutritional role for trans-palmitoleic acid (trans-C16∶1 n-7)? “

We'll be bringing you a short summary of the highlights of this congress as soon as possible.