Cifre Thesis offer “Synthesis of new biosourced rheological agents”, ICGM (Montpellier) – Gattefossé

Gattefossé is an independent, family-run Lyon company which was founded in 1880. It specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of specialty ingredients for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Experts in lipid chemistry and plant chemistry, Gattefossé mainly offers companies cosmetic active ingredients, plant extracts, texturizers and functional lipid excipients. The company is very committed to sustainable development and the general interest, it takes actions to reduce its overall footprint as much as possible, works to improve the quality of life at work and mobilizes our communities in the service of the common good. Gattefossé develops lipid ingredients manufactured according to green chemistry principles (solvent-free, no or few catalysts, bio-sourced raw materials, biodegradable products), while responding to demands for functional and high-performance products for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets. Gattefossé is joining forces with the Charles Gerhardt Institute in Montpellier to develop a lipid-derived texturizer (100% plant-based) making it possible to manufacture gelled or thickened formulas for use in cosmetics.

As part of this project, a Cifre thesis is proposed. The first part of the thesis will consist of developing functionalization pathways for (selected) lipids allowing access to molecules with higher molecular masses and carrying supramolecular bonds. The second part will consist of studying the rheological properties of the synthesized molecules in order to determine the structure-property relationships and lead to the identification of gelling agents and thickeners of interest.

Duration: 36 months

Location: Macromolecular Materials Department of the Charles Gerhardt Institute in Montpellier and the Gattefossé company

Application deadline: May 5, 2023

Profile: The candidate (M/F) must have a master's degree or equivalent in organic or polymer chemistry combined with solid experience in organic synthesis, in the physico-chemistry of polymers and a strong interest in innovation.

Dr Sylvain Caillol -; Dr Vincent Lapinte –

The ICGM Polymer Department, based on organic chemistry applied to polymers, is recognized for its technological integration in the development of integrated solutions for the synthesis of materials, from monomers to polymers, to meet the most efficient applications. For many years, it has also developed chemistry using simple and clean processes and based on sustainable development (polymers derived from renewable resources, substitution, etc.). He is also recognized for his expertise and expertise in the macromolecular chemistry of P and F heteroatoms.