Bibliography – The role of fats in the transition to sustainable diets, The Lancet Planetary Health 2021

Bojana Bajželj, Federica Laguzzi, Elin Röös, The Lancet Planetary Health Volume 5, Issue 9, September 2021, Pages e644-e653

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Abstract: There are few analyses in the literature on the sustainability of the food system for dietary lipids, although their average consumption in many parts of the world remains below nutritional recommendations. Animal products are the main source of dietary lipids, especially in regions where their consumption is high. We estimate that an additional 45 Mt of dietary fat per year needs to be produced and consumed if the world's population is to reach recommended levels of lipid consumption, and various strategies for closing this gap in a sustainable way are outlined. These strategies include diverting oils currently used for energy production to human consumption, increasing palm oil and peanut oil yields while avoiding further deforestation, developing sustainable cropping systems for rapeseed and soybean oil production, increasing consumption of whole soybeans and derived products, and extending the use of animal fats already produced.